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i love you i need you I want you中文怎么念 how aboot going to see a no,thank you.I'd like go 准确点!马上就要~ What do you say to going to a movie?Would you like to go to a movie?第一句用GOING对吗 Why don't we go to see a baseball game?Yeah!)Let's go see a baseball game!还有这里 为什么前面试go to see 后面回答却是go see the music make me cry....make me happy..make me down这么说对么那可以说.make me be happy .make me be a teacher么再有,可以说let's go.那可以说let's be happy.还是let's happy.let's be a teacher可以么 《风筝》一文中作者产生忏悔之意的原因是什么,而根本原因是什么? 风筝鲁迅的思想产生变化的原因是什么? 作者的思想感情发生了什么变化?产生变化的原因是什么 风筝高飞时,气体对风筝作用力的产生原因 求一个少见的英文名(有谐音,女生的,要有怎么读)我叫邱雅琳,女,想起一个独特少见的英文名(不要那种烂大街的、最好是原创),要有谐音的,(可以的话再附上寓意),好听的话会加悬赏分 当风筝在高空放飞时试说明气体对风筝作用力的产生原因及作用力的方向 You gave me animpulse to chase you中文意思是什么!You gave me animpulse to chase you求中文意思 写诗人披星戴月劳动的诗句------------ I want to chase you怎么读 and so after a year Merrick had and so after a year Merrick had £50.£是什么符号,在英语中怎么读? 英语翻译With_using_the_FILDOMAT_there_will_be_an_optimised_and_high_performing_emulsion-preparation_device_at_your_disposal_with_which_all_technical_advantages_of_liquid_polymeres 英语翻译“微微一笑” 英语翻译Post-scanning data processing is an important step for any successful application of these scanning systems.The object of post-scanning data processing is to reconstruct surface models from 3D point clouds.Strategies for surface reconstru 英语翻译如题 要准确些的 栩栩如生的近反义词和屹立的进反义词 各是什么啊 make me very tired 栩栩如生和屹立的近反义词各是什么啊 哥哥们 说说吧 血了 tom's father asked him to help him carry some cotton on the donkey to sell on the marketon the donkey句子里的ON是代表什么意思 on the donkey "栩栩如生"反义词是啥?栩栩如生( ) for breakfast Tom's father eggs cakes has on Monday怎么连成一句话 快啊 好的加分 栩栩如生的反义词是什么 Tom _____ his father _____ character and some everyday habits.Tom _____ his father _____ character and some everyday habits.A.differs in; from B.differs from; in C.different from; in D.is different from; in求详解 “屹立”的反义词是什么? 草铺横野六七里里的草铺的意思 We have a lot of homework____(finish)____(do) every day 英语翻译英语哦 i want ask you some question 为什么不加to 我的名字叫婉青,请帮我起个英文名吧!